Sunday, June 26, 2011


A post from past


I started writing a blog in Finnish some time after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately I had had the disease for a long time, and it was already in secondary progressive stage, when diagnosed. I had already been on sickness pension because of my condition for a couple of years. I began using medical cannabis to alleviate pain and other symptoms. And the blog was about this, multiple sclerosis and medical cannabis.

First I had my blog in a Finnish cannabis forum website, where I installed Wordpress. Before I had to stop working, I was an enterpreneur and a programmer. I very much like programming. Custom installation of Wordpress was easy to modify.

After I got an official recipe for medicinal cannabis Bedrocan, I decided to "move" out from the cannabis forum website, and created a new, more personal blog in This was in February 2011. It looked first good, customization possibilities were quite limited but you could get around. But summer 2011 they for example blocked all I wanted to tell my readers, what products I used from there, and without the links it was not working. So, pack your bags, and move to...


I exported all posts, transformed those to Blogger import file and imported to my new blog here. Customization possibilities are good here. But some things are missing or don't work. For starters I run into:
  • no smiley replacement (i.e. replace chars :) by emoticon image)
  • you cannot show your posts in chronological order, which you can in wordpress[.com/.org]
  • Navbar search don't find posts that over week older than blog's creation date (that's why this posts date is in past)
  • even the sidebar search widget did not work for me

My first big hack was the chronological posts hack. Many people miss that feature, so I decided to blog about it in English in my new Blogger blog. But then I came up with solutions to the search problems... and who knows what in the future...


So I decided to make this new blog, in English and dedicated to all sorts of Blogger tips, so my other blog won't clutter with Blogger tips. Yes, this is Yet Another Blogger Tips Blog. I created this blog September 26th 2011. Welcome. Hope you like these tips. If you do, please share the address.


I have multiple sclerosis, and even I like programming I am often fatigued and cannot spend much time at computer. So I give these tips "as is", without a promise for support, if you cannot make them work. Many of the tips I implement on this blog, and you can see them working here, and you can look the source code of the pages.

My nickname mspotilas/MS-potilas means multiple sclerosis patient in Finnish.
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dsajlkdsdsölkj333rd said... [reply]

Hello, I have been writing a few blogs from the beginning of this summer.
Mostly I describe my thoughts in Gonzo style. (Mixture of non-fiction + Fiction + personally coloured life experience)

I would like to have help from powerful Nerd to fix my 3rd blog The the title of the blog is translated: Finnish - madness dictionary. In this case it would be cool if I would be able to arrange the posts in alpabetical order. Main criteria is that there all small pictures and titles of the posts. I won´t mind if there will be changes in the layout.

Sincirely author of Tärkeysjärjestyksenvalvoja/ Sertifioitu käyttöohjekirja elämään myöhäisteinille/ Suomi - Hesperia sanakirja

MS-potilas said... [reply]

Hi @dsajlkdsdsölkj333rd,

When you have only "a handful" of posts, like 50 or less (depends on how much editing you are ready to do), the easiest way to reorder them to your liking is to edit the publishing time (time stamp) of the posts. Post with the newest time stamp shows first, and post with the oldest time stamp shows last, and so on. You are using dynamic template, which offers no other ways (that I know) to change the post order.

dsajlkdsdsölkj333rd said... [reply]

Thank you for the answering! I got your point. I will have to reconsider if I am willing to pay effort and change the template as non-dynamic.

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