Saturday, February 18, 2012


Pastebin embeds temporarily broken

I use pastebin to store most of my hacks' source codes and to embed them into this blog. Pastebin was today updated to version 3.1, and it broke the embeds. On my blog's first page the sidebar had fallen to the bottom of the page because of an imbalance in div elements' opening and closing tags. I fixed the first page, but on consequent pages the sidebar might still drop, and embeds contain this 'ss="javascript">' bug. And the code is not syntax highlighted. I notified this to pastebin admin, hope it gets fixed soon. Codes can still be copied like before by clicking the "Download Raw" link.

Update 3 hours later: Pastebin embeds fixed.
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El Mexicano said... [reply]

Dear MS-Potilas, I saw in some (blogspot) blogs there "Recommend" or "Like" Facebook-button at the bottom of the posts. How can I add this to my blog ( I imagine that some crack or additional script is necessary in the template, right? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

MS-potilas said... [reply]

@El Mexicano Hi, you could try this:, there are instructions how to modify the template.

El Mexicano said... [reply]

Thanks for the link, but it did not work. :( I followed or the instructions, but the HTML-template editor did't even let me save the changes, because an error message appeared.

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