Friday, September 30, 2011


Blog commenting - embedded form problems suck

There are issues with Blogger's embedded comment form, sometimes you just cannot post the reply, something to do with cookies and the fact that embedded form iframe runs in different domain ( than the blog. This morning I run into this problem: could not post a comment into my own blog (this one).

I don't understand why they at Blogger cannot map the comment-iframe.g which is shown in iframe in domain to the blog domain, so iframe could show (for example)[...] instead of[...] This would solve the cookie problem, I think.

I could of course do the tricks needed (logging out, clearing cookies, what ever), but I don't expect that all my commenters can (well on this blog they might, and should). So I decided to change commenting to use own page (because popups suck, too :) ). The separate page for commenting is actually quite good, I just wish one could style it to make it look like your blog.


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