Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Know your way around

The instructions for the tips and hacks I'm going to write in this blog won't be too detailed. So you really should know your way around in customizing your blog. Basic functions that you should be able to find and use are:

  • when viewing your blog, click Design on the top navbar
  • if you have new interface, Template is already selected from left menu, just click Edit HTML and Proceed
  • if you have old interface, Design tab is already selected, just click Edit HTML.

You should not be html illiterate if you try to install these hacks. Also, I will not remind you to back up your html, which you should always do before editing anything. If you break anything, it is your responsibility, you fix it, I cannot help you. You've been warned.

Template Designer
  • click Design on the navbar
  • new interface: click Customize
  • old interface: click Template Designer

Here you can modify how your blog looks. On Advanced options you can add CSS declarations easily,  we'll probably be using that.

Layout/Page Elements (gadgets etc)
  • click Design on the navbar
  • new interface: click Layout
  • old interface: click Page elements

Here you can add new gadgets to your page and configure different page elements. At least HTML/Javascript gadget will be used.

I'm sorry I cannot give you too detailed instructions, with pictures etc, and help everyone no matter what their computer skills are. You can google for more help. I have multiple sclerosis and I cannot spend too much time on computer. I don't do this to earn money, just use my spare time to share these tips. Hopefully they are useful to someone :)
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