Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My Google App Engine Python application evolved

Couple of weeks ago I made my first Google App Engine application, using a new language for me, Python. It is made to fetch Blogger user avatars using Blogger userID. It worked/works ok, but I did some improvements to code, some structuring and formatting, generalized tag searching from html, etc.

Yesterday, as a deviation of making the comment bubbles, I added a completely new function to that application: a tool to make gradient PNG data URIs, which can be used in CSS, for example. The avatar part of the application functions just like before. I will tell you more about the gradient PNG data URI tool later in another article, and the comment bubbles, too, but here's the revised code (in my versioning it is version number 4):

Data provided by - Download Raw

Again, if you have any ideas for the code, please comment. There was a minor html bug (which did not affect functionality) in the previous version, also one "None" comparison made with "==", unnecessary parenthesis, etc, and nobody told me! :)

2011 Dec 14th, v4.01: Load also the new default icon from ""
2011 Dec 18th, v4.02: Increased timeout from 5 to 15 in loading blogger profile pages, also handle download errors.
2012 March 14th, newest version 5 here.
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