Saturday, November 19, 2011


Custom Google Search / CSE and automatic thumbnails

I have replaced the non-working sidebar search gadget with custom Google search or Custom Search Engine (CSE – why must they have all these different names for things, and CSE also stands for Custom Search Element...) and a gadget (or widget) for that: How to add Custom Google Search to your Blogspot blog. Also my navbar search is hooked to this CSE search.

Last week or so I noticed (in my MS-potilas blog) that the search results included thumbnails. Very good looking. Here's a post about automatic thumbnails in Google Custom Search blog: Thumbnail images in search results -- no work required!

This YABTB blog has not many pictures, but here's one example, search results with search gadget and CSE gadget:

It may be that default search gadget, which is based on Google blogsearch, will get thumbnails eventually, too, but until then I think CSE search results are way better looking than the default gadget's. Even if the default search gadged works for you, thumbnails for search results might be the reason to choose CSE instead.
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