Thursday, January 12, 2012


Blogger has now threaded commenting

At least some sort of... Here's the announcement: Engage with your readers through threaded commenting. And this is how it looks like (in dynamic views – in non-dynamic view it is similar):

It has only two levels, and it could look a bit better, I think. But it is ok. It is activated if you have embedded comment form and full blog feeds enabled. When activated, other comment hacks, like my threaded commenting, don't work.

If you want my threaded commenting back on your blog, you can switch comment form to "full page" or "popup", instead of "embedded", in blog settings.

I will write some posts about how to enable this new feature on modded templates, how to disable it by editing the template (so you can switch back to embedded form without Blogger threading), etc. I'll get back after little more investigating. Stay tuned.
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Perpetua said... [reply]

Do you know how to make its comment timestamps fit in with one's own time zone or is this a bug Blogger is going to have to fix. I would try it, if the times matched, but to have comments dated several hours before the time the post was published is just silly.

MS-potilas said... [reply]

Hi, I think it is a bug and Blogger will fix it. In the meanwhile you can disable the threaded commenting to get the old comments system back, using one of the methods described here.

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