Friday, January 20, 2012


Clear button for CSE search results

Blogger's normal search capabilities (search gadget and navbar search) did not work in my blogs, that's why I use CSE (custom search engine) gadget, and my hack for navbar search.

One thing that I was missing from Blogger's search gadget was the little X-button to close the search results. Well there's one next to the search button, but none in the search results area. Now that I've learned some jQuery, I did a nice little hack to add that close button into the CSE search results, like this:

It is also installed in this blog, so you can test it live.

You have to have my navbar search hack installed first, because code needs the variable customSearchControl (and uses also searchPhrase, if present). And you need to have jQuery loaded somewhere in your blog's template. After having these the installation is easy. Open the HTML/Javascript gadget, that contains your blog's CSE search gadget. Before the last line (</script>), add this code:

Save gadget and test.
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