Monday, January 2, 2012


Comments feed changed and Recent comments update

I found out that comments feed no longer contain the direct link (so called "alternate link") to those comments, that the comment author has deleted. I.e. those, where it reads "This post has been removed by the author.". Comments feed used to have links to all comment entries, but no longer does for these deleted ones.

This affected my recent comments gadgets. I have updated their source code in their posts.

Better Recent comments gadget for Blogger: line 69 is modified, line 76 is new.
Return of the Better Recent Comments gadget: line 121 is modified, line 128 is new.
(newest) Son of the better recent comments gadget: line 124 is modified, line 131 is new.

If you experience recent comments disappearing if there is a new author-deleted comment, please update the gadget, just two lines need to be changed. Another quick fix is to permanently delete the author-deleted comment from the blog's admin comments section.
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