Monday, January 16, 2012


Short URLs for Blogspot posts, and update to urltinyfy

Recently I made a Google App Engine application in Python, that provides javascript JSONP APIs for different URL shortening services. Read more about URLtinyfy, and the API, in this blog article.

I expanded the application to support more URL shortening services. Currently it supports: (provides same interface as json-tinyurl), (provides same interface as ggl-shortener),,,,,,, (*),, and "hidden" support for (and, which is same as I added also a sample URL shortener in javascript for the (non-hidden) services, for example: Sample URL shortener.

*) API does not work anymore in June 2012, removed from the list

And here's another example of usage, a hack to add...

Short URLs for blog's posts

This requires template editing. Edit also Widget templates. Find (partial line):
and about 8 lines later:
</span> </div>
Add this code after that </span> </div> line:

The above code includes tinyurl, googl and safemn services. It is easy to add, remove or change the services displayed. Hack is installed on this blog, for demostration there are five different services offered here, but in practise I think it is better to limit the shortening services to two or three.
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Aurea Carvalho said... [reply]


O recurso short url que você ensina aqui não está funcionando.
Sabe o que poderia ser?



MS-potilas said... [reply]

@Aurea Carvalho
Hi, unfortunately the urltinyfy application sometimes runs out of incoming bandwidth quota (daily quota). Now there has been over 2 million requests in the last 24 hours. Appengine resets the quota once a day, then it works again (until quota limit is reached). I'll try to think if there is anything that can be done.

MS-potilas said... [reply]

@Aurea Carvalho I adjusted some parameters in the application, and now there has been no quota overruns for several days.

simon nooranvary said... [reply]


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Kind regards,

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Muskan Jain said... [reply]

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Mariana Joe said... [reply]

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Anonymous said... [reply]

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